How to Get Started with MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting

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The web hosting industry is an emerging sector that delivers promising results to you, and that is why this industry market value is a billion-dollar value. Thus, many professional bloggers, web developers, web designers, and other professionals prefer Reseller hosting plans to start their web hosting business and be a part of this emerging industry. Besides, they have different web hosting companies in the option. If you are hosting websites of clients having web projects accessible on Windows OS, you can make money with MilesWeb’s Windows reseller hosting.

With the cheap Reseller hosting by MilesWeb, website owners can host multiple domains with good uptime. And for better uptime, we would like to recommend you opt for MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans. Their top-grade servers offer a guaranteed uptime of up to 99.95% it is because they have a Tier-4 network of data centers worldwide.

Returning to the reseller web hosting service, many readers might have puzzled due to a lack of knowledge about its functionality. Therefore, we have brought this post to highlight how the Reseller hosting operation functions and the process of starting your hosting venture through it. Scroll down.

What is Meant by The Reseller Hosting?

Simply, reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting service where resellers purchase hosting packages with top-notch configurations. Then, these resellers resell web hosting packages from the web hosting provider and lease out server resources like hardware, server, software, and the general infrastructure to host your clients’ websites.

Now, resellers will resell original web hosting packages, rebrand them and make relevant configurations per the client’s requirements. After that, they ensure a good profit margin is in their pocket. So, this was all about the reseller web hosting services.

Now, will clients be able to put their brand name and resell web hosting packages? Yes, they can, with the 100% white-labeled reseller web hosting plans that MilesWeb offers.

MilesWeb is India’s leading reseller web hosting provider, offering high-quality and trustworthy Reseller hosting plans. Collaborate with them. You will get top-notch hosting features like 24×7 customer support, cPanel (control panel), website migration, and many more hence, if you are looking for a reliable reseller web hosting package.

How does Reseller Hosting work?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the original web-hosting providers rent out the server resource like the storage space, bandwidth, and the number of websites it can support.

Also, suppose you purchase reseller web hosting services from reliable hosting companies like MilesWeb. In that case, you will be getting features like SSL certifications, unlimited bandwidth, and the hosting space to host unlimited domains.

Rebrand the existing web hosting package and charge your clients accordingly per the server resources allocation.

Tips to Get Started with Reseller Web Hosting Services

1. Make a Business Plan

There should be proper planning and a blueprint to start the hosting business. You must set all good goals, establish the budget and manage an IT team to oversee the hosting operation. However, the good point of having MilesWeb’s reseller hosting service is that they will be looked after for the entire hosting operation.

So, evaluate your business plan and arrange your hosting infrastructure accordingly. Also, determine which kind of web hosting plans are suitable. Moreover, while following this process, you cannot ignore the price factor which you will be charging to your clients.

2. Choose the Right Reseller Host

Then, pick the right web hosting company that offers affordable web hosting plans and ensures that reseller users get a good profit margin. MilesWeb offers affordable web hosting packages with top-notch configurations like cPanel, 24×7 customer support, and many others.

You can purchase their web hosting packages and allocate server resources accordingly by ensuring a good profit margin. Moreover, MilesWeb gives the freedom to host websites and applications of clients under their brand name because the service provider gives 100% white-labeled web hosting services.

3. Set Up Your Hosting Packages

After purchasing the Reseller hosting packages, you need to invest some time in getting familiar with some add-on features and rebuild the original web hosting packages and customize them accordingly. You need to prefer a good quality hosting plan where you have the scope of winning the trust of clients. Add helpful features like website data backup, automatic updates, and many more.


All in all, you have all hosting infrastructure ready by web hosting companies like MilesWeb. They have different features like SSL certifications, managed server support, and affordable Reseller hosting plans to ensure the maximum profit for resellers. After getting a proper reseller hosting plan, you should have the right marketing strategy and follow the right branding measures to build your hosting business’s online presence. So, don’t delay and start your web hosting business as soon as possible.

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