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MilesWeb Review: Why Their VPS Hosting Servers Are a Good Option Than Shared & Dedicated

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Do you have a brand or service to promote? Which marketing channel do you most prefer? Well, most enterprises and companies prefer websites to connect with customers. A study report says more than 70% of brands worldwide have websites to attract customers’ attention. Remember that websites help gain more visitors and lead and thus generate revenue.

Being a new brand in the market, you will look at different web hosting plans. Many beginners prefer affordable domain hosting for a new website to mark their online presence. Shared hosting services rank top in our checklist when we talk about affordability. However, shared hosting services sometimes do not produce viable results for business owners.

Thus, which hosting plans are mostly preferred? Either VPS including unmanaged VPS from MilesWeb or dedicated hosting services! These are only some options left to biz owners to host their websites. In that, too, dedicated hosting services turn out to be an expensive deal. Hence, they buy affordable Linux VPS hosting plans as Linux VPS servers are affordable and give a good balance between shared and dedicated hosting users.

The MilesWeb’s VPS server emerges as the right web hosting option for enterprises worldwide. Therefore, many enterprises worldwide opt for the same. In this blog, let us discuss how VPS hosting services strike the best option between shared, VPS, and dedicated. Scroll down.

Shared Web Hosting

MilesWeb Shared Web Hosting

In the shared hosting service, web hosting providers provide one server resource and distribute them to multiple hosting account users. So, a shared hosting plan’s cost is relatively cheaper than VPS and dedicated hosting services. At the same time, if multiple sites or domains use the same server resources to accomplish web hosting operations, the hosting performance will be hampered. So, the case will be like that single website will grow and keep other servers slowing down.

However, some web hosting companies claim technical support and reliable resources to maximize your websites’ availability.

Virtual Private Server

There are different virtual compartments in a physical server, and each compartment acts as an independent server. So, if you purchase one VPS hosting plan, you will be getting a specific amount of web hosting resources in a virtual server. And in the VPS hosting plan, you do not share server resources with other hosting account users. But still, due to hypervisor technology, there are different virtual servers in one physical server; hence, it is an affordable web hosting option.

However, VPS hosting services seem expensive when you compare them with shared hosting services. But there will be no problem in scaling your websites or applications and maximizing your web presence with VPS hosting services.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is an entire physical server allocated to a single web hosting account user. In this, there is no server resource sharing with other hosting account users. It means the entire server and its hardware or software configurations are dedicated to you. No noisy neighbors will affect your website’s performance.

There is no virtual compartmentalization feature available like VPS hosting services. Thus, dedicated hosting services are expensive, and most enterprises prefer them. All in all, having an entire server will keep no room for cyberattacks, and you will get full-proof security.

After reading all three web hosting services, you might be looking to get such servers. Choose MilesWeb because have servers in Tier-4 data centers worldwide and gives a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. Don’t worry about their costs because they offer affordable hosting plans with reliable, secured, and optimal servers.

Even their VPS hosting services are the best pick among industries worldwide. If your business has mission-critical web projects and applications, host them on VPS hosting servers.

How does VPS Servers Stand Out Against Shared and Dedicated Hosting Servers?

As you have read, dedicated hosting servers give an entire hosting infrastructure. If enterprises opt for the same, the entire server will be reserved for their domains. So, biz owners have the freedom to configure servers according to their requirements.

But what if the budget is lower and you want to scale business websites? In such cases, VPS hosting servers give more complete control over how it operates, and business owners can make custom changes.

In a nutshell, VPS hosting servers give the hosting infrastructure like dedicated hosting services at a nominal cost. So, it emerges as a good web hosting option within a limited budget and resources.


MilesWeb offers 24×7 customer support and other top-notch features like a control panel, money-back guarantee,s and higher bandwidth size. All these resources make their VPS hosting services the best and you will easily get a valuable outcome for your business. With their VPS hosting servers, you can easily scale your website and keep all sensitive information secure. Even MilesWeb is available to assist you technically.

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