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List of Top 50 Search Engines in 2023

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Get the list of the Top 50 Search Engines in 2023. These Search Engines lists the newest and the most popular search engines available in the market for 2023. You must check out these search engines if you are a tech user.

We’ll list all the popular 50 search engines, from the ever-popular Google to the always-changing Yahoo, there are also plenty of newer search engines for you to explore.

What is a Search Engine

A Search Engine is a web application developed to find data from the www (World Wide Web), according to the typed query.

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How does a Search Engine Work

Here are the 3 roles that every search engine performs before providing any data. 

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking Algorithm

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Top 5 Search Engines with their Global Market Share

Here are the top 5 search engines. So if you own a website, you must submit it to these search engines.

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Top 5 Search Engines with their Global Market Share
Top 5 Search Engines with their Global Market Share

Will ChatGPT Replace Search Engines

Will ChatGPT Replace Search Engines
Will ChatGPT Replace Search Engines

ChatGPT is a trained AI chatbot that answers almost all questions. ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI on 30 November 2022 and got more than 1 Million users in just a few weeks. ChatGPT can easily answer Human questions and can provide you with lots of data. It can help people in writing articles, ad copies, providing code, and much more.

The main question spreading around the globe is that WIll ChatGPT replace Google or any other search engine?

The short answer is Yes, while the long answer is No.
Why? How?
Let me clear everything up.

If we focus on the short term. Chat GPT is not going to kill search engines for the next 3-8 years. WHY?

Just because ChatGPT has several limitations and issues. Let me list all of them

  1. Lack of Updated Information: Still AI can’t provide 100% accurate & updated content. This is one of the main reasons why these famous search engines are going to stay for the next couple of years.
  2. Duplicate Answer: Search Engines show different results for two different queries, while AI or chatbots list exactly the same answer for 2 different questions.
    EG: Query 1: How to make money online, Query 2: How to make money online in 2023.
    Search engines are going to show somehow
    different SERP results, while ChatGPT will list almost the same information.
  3. Require Registration: ChatGPT requires registration/login to use it. This means before using Chat GPT, you have to make sure that you have created an account on OpenAI. While Google or many other Search Engines doesn’t require a login.

If we talk about the long term, then ChatGPT may kill most of the search engines, just because of its awesome features which are time-saving.

Obviously, rather than searching on search engines, opening different sites, and wasting minutes. People will choose to give their few seconds to AI for generating a correct answer.

But another reason that can avoid people to use ChatGPT is that it may be paid in the next few weeks it months. As everybody knows that ChatGPT got traffic in a huge amount, and just to handle that much traffic OpenAI has invested a lot. Even Microsoft has invested or is going to invest more than $10 Billion.

After this situation, the CEO of OpenAI tweeted that they are working on a professional paid version of Chat GPT.

If any latest update or information arrived regarding Chat GPT then I will add it here. So

Come on, and let’s discuss the Top 50 Search Engines, that are going to fight against ChatGPT.

Top 50 Search Engines

Top 50 Search Engines
Top 50 Search Engines

Here I have arranged a list of “top 50 search engines”. You can browse around any search engine, you want. You can submit your website to these any of these search engines if you have a website.

1. Google

Google comes first on our top 50 search engines list. It was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, on 4 Sep 1998. Google occupies about 92% of the global market share and contains about 7 billion daily searches. Google updates its algorithms from time to time, forcing websites to create quality content, rather than keyword stuffing.

Quick Facts:

  • Monthly Visits: 86.4 Billion
  • Daily Searches: 8.5 Billion
  • Most Traffic From: United States
  • Launched in: 1998

Search Engine Link:

2. Microsoft Bing

Bing is the second most visited search engine (so we select it as the 2nd), containing approximately 3.33% of the global search market share. Bing also has more features than other search engines, but can’t compete with Google. Microsoft Bing was created on June 3, 2009.

Search Engine Link:

3. Yahoo

Yahoo is mostly known because of its fantastic email-providing services. Yahoo stands third because it is the third most popular search engine, containing 1.34% of the total search market share. This Search Engine was developed in January 1994. In 2001 market share of Yahoo was 36.7%, but now it is less than 2%.

Search Engine Link:

4. Yandex

Yandex is a Russian Search Engine. Almost half of Russia uses Yandex. Yandex is just not a Search Engine, like Google, it also provides lots of other services, such as maps, weather, news, translation, and much more. This Search Engine is also popular and contains about 0.97% of the search market share, that’s why we have chosen Yandex as the 4th of the Top 50 Search Engines.

Search Engine Link:

5. Baidu

Baidu is a search engine founded in 2000 & hosted in China. Approximately 77% of internet users in China use Baidu. Baidu also comes with a wide range of features and services like Google.

Search Engine Link:

6. DuckDuck Go

The main priority of DuckDuck Go is to take care of the privacy of its users. Approximately, 90+ Million searches are done, daily, on DuckDuck Go, but again its global search market share is just 0.71%. The interface of this search engine is decent and clean, it also does not track its users.

Search Engine Link:


Ask is one of the top questions answering search engines. There is one main problem with the ask search engine, and that is the lack of quality results. This search engine was started in 1996, by Garret Gruener and David Warthen. was firstly known as Ask Jeeves, but Ask Jeeves was changed to in 2006.

 Search Engine Link:

8. Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine that uses 80% of the revenue generated from its search engine to plant trees. Usually, Ecosia’s team plants a tree per 45 searches. Ecosia was founded on 7th December 2009.

 Search Engine Link:


AOL has existed since 1985 and still it is in the top 50 search engines with a search market share of about 0.05%.

 Search Engine Link:

10. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a search engine used to see how a website looked in the past.

Search Engine Link:

11. Naver

Naver is a South Korean Search Engine that provides its results in the South Korean language. Naver gets around 1.20 Billion Monthly Visits and it’s among the top search engines.

Search Engine Link:

12. ExactSeek

ExactSeek gets around 60K Monthly Visits, and 60% of this traffic comes from India.

Search Engine Link:

13. Peekier

Peekier gets around 180K Monthly Visits. This search engine is like DuckDuck Go, and respects your privacy.

Search Engine Link:

14. SimilarSiteSearch

SimilarSiteSearch is a search engine that helps you to find similar or alternative websites, for your typed website.

Search Engine Link:

15. Qwant

Qwant is another search engine that respects the privacy of its users. It was founded in 2013. It operates more than 10 Million Search Queries per day and has about 50 Million monthly users.

Search Engine Link:

16. is a simple search engine, which displays results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engines.

Search Engine Link:

17. Spokeo

Spokeo is a people search engine that helps you to find people by their name, email, or phone number.

Search Engine Link:

18. LookSeek doesn’t track its users.

Search Engine Link:

19. Skaffe

Skaffe is among those search engines, that respect the privacy of their users, we can categorize it as a Safe Search Engine.

Search Engine Link:

20. Anoox

On our Top 50 Search Engines list, Anoox stands for 20th. Anoox is a search engine that provides results based on people’s votes and reviews. If many people downvote, then its rankings on Anoox will be dropped.

Search Engine Link:

21. InfoSpace

InfoSpace is an American, private-label search engine that supplies real-time results to its users

Search Engine Link:

22. Cipinet

Cipinet is a Business Web directory and a popular search engine since 2022. Its DA (Domain Authority) is 33. You can also submit your website cipinet.

Search Engine Link:

23. Gimpsy

Gimpsy is an internet directory search engine with a DA of just 32.

Search Engine Link:

24. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a Search Engine used to search for content from Social media. Users can search for public information available on Social Media.

Search Engine Link:

25. Goo

Goo is a Japanese Search Engine. This search engine mostly crawls data, presented in the Japanese language.

Search Engine Link:

Social Search Engines

The first 25 were general Search Engines, but now it’s time to discuss Bonus Search Engines, which include Social, Image, Video, and many other search engines.

26. FaceBook

Facebook stands on 1st of our Social Search Engines. Facebook is a Social Search Engine, it is used to search for people, news, pictures, videos, and much more. Per second on FaceBook, more than 40,000 queries are searched, and 2 billion per day

Search Engine Link:

27. Linkedin

Most people on Linkedin, are seeking a job. But you can search for many things on Linkedin like People, Jobs, and Answers.

Search Engine Link:

28. Twitter

Twitter is growing, currently, it receives more than 1.5 Billion searches per day. Mostly Twitter is used to search for trending topics such as news.

Search Engine Link:

Image Search Engine Sites

It’s time to discuss a few Image Search Engines.

29. Flickr

Flickr is a popular image and video-sharing platform. This company is hosted in the U.S. Flickr gets around 58.50 Million monthly visits, and 30% of its users are from the United States.

Search Engine Link:

30. Pinterest

Pinterest is a video, picture, and gif-sharing platform. Pinterest is included among the top social sharing platforms. Pinterest gets around 979.90 Million monthly visits, and 45% of this traffic comes from the United States.

Search Engine Link:

31. TinEye

This search engine is a reverse image search engine. Users just have to upload the image and TinEye will provide them with every data about that picture. TinEye gets around 7.90 Million monthly visits.

Search Engine Link:

32. FreePik

FreePik is a fantastic platform to find vector images. You can download fonts, images, vectors, and much more from FreePik. It gets around 68.30 Million visits per month and most of this traffic comes from India.

Search Engine Link:

33. WebToolHub

You can find thousands of high-quality icons. WebToolHub gets around 177.70K monthly visits. 60% of this traffic comes from India.

Search Engine Link:

Video Search Engine Sites

These 9 Video Search Engines create the Top 50 Search Engines.

34. YouTube

Youtube is a growing video-sharing platform by Google. Youtube gets around 35.10 Billion visits per month. The average visit duration on youtube is 21 minutes and 42 seconds.

Search Engine Link:

35. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is an alternative to Youtube. It gets around 132.60 Million visits per month.

Search Engine Link:

36. Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular video-sharing company. Vimeo gets around 76.30 Million visits per month. The average visit duration of Vimeo is 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

Search Engine Link:

37. PeerTube

PeerTube is also a good video-sharing platform. Peertube gets around 228.60K visits per month.

Search Engine Link:

38. Dtube

The interface of DTube is somehow similar to Youtube. It gets around 402.50K monthly visits.

Search Engine Link:

39. BitTube

BitTube is a crypto-decentralized video search engine. BitTube gets around 118.30K monthly visits

Search Engine Link:

40. BitChute

BitChute was created In 201a7. BitChute allows people to upload any type of content without following the guidelines that they used to follow on YouTube. It gets around 32.70 Million monthly visits.

41. Twitch

Twitch is mostly popular because of live-streaming games. Twitch gets around 1.30 Billion visits per month

Search Engine Link:

42. MetaCafe

MetaCafe was founded in 2003. It is also an alternative to YouTube

Search Engine Link:

Dark Web Search Engines

It’s time to talk about Dark Web Search Engines, from the list of Top 50 Search Engines.

43. Onionland

Our 1st Dark Web search engine is Onionland. This Search Engine is for the Dark and Deep Web.

Search Engine Link:

44. Ahmia

Ahmia is an example of another Dark Web Search Engine. This search engine searches for hidden searches from the Tor network. Ahmia gets around 183.50K visits per month

Search Engine Link:

45. Torch

Torch Search Engine has indexed about 300,000 onion pages.

Search Engine Link:

46. Not Evil

Not Evil is used to list or find onion websites.

Search Engine Link:

47. Haystack

It has indexed more than 1.5 billion pages. Haystack gets around 101.50K monthly visits.

Search Engine Link:

Knowledge Search Engines

It’s time for some knowledgeable search engines, and this is the second-last type of search engine in the list of Top 50 Search Engines in 2023.

48. Answers

It gets around 6.20 Million visits per month.

Search Engine Link:

49. Quora

Quora is a popular question-answer platform. Quora gets around 637.90 Million visits per month.

Search Engine Link:

50. eHow

It is a platform for how-to guides, with more than 150,000 videos. eHow gets around 4.50 Million visits per month.

Search Engine Link:

PDF Search Engines

The last group of search engines we are going to discuss is PDF Search Engines. Using these search engines you can search for E-Books or other PDF-related resources.

Before going to these search engines I would like to tell you that the list of Top 50 Search Engines in 2023 is finished, these are a few extra search engines that I have listed down.

51. PDF Drive

Search Engine Link:

52. Free-eBooks

Search Engine Link:

53. Free Full PDF

Search Engine Link:

54. PDF-Downloads

Search Engine Link:

55. Find PDF Doc

Search Engine Link:


Search Engine Link:

57. Base-Search

Search Engine Link:

58. Research Gate

Search Engine Link:

59. Ebook3000

Search Engine Link:

Common FAQs

What is the most accurate search engine?

No search engine can be accurate always. But there are a few search engines that are globally trusted & widely used.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo

These 3 search engines are the 3 most popular search engines at the current time.

What Is the Best Search Engine for Privacy?

DuckDuck Go is one of the most popular privacy search engines. I’ll highly recommend you to see it if you are concerned about your privacy.

Is Google the only search engine?

Google is not just one search engine. There are hundreds of search engines available in the market. Google is just well-known & popular among all of the other search engines.

What search engine is better than Google?

No one can tell you exactly that what search engine is better than Google. But if you want to try something new then you can go with DuckDuck Go or Microsoft Bing.

What is The Best Search Engine for Videos?

YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used video search engines. YouTube gets around 34.5 Billion Monthly Visits.

What is the Safest Search Engine in 2023?

There are several search engines that respect the privacy of their users. But Duck Duck Go has stood at the top of the safest search engine list for the last few years and still it’s the safest search engine in 2023.


So, this was the list of Top 50 Search Engines in 2-23. There are more than 200 search engines around the globe, but it was difficult for me to cover all of them in this article. I Hope, the list of these search engines would be helpful to open your mind by increasing your knowledge about search engines.

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