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Keyword Proximity, Prominence, & Density Explained

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Keyword proximity, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Density

What is Keyword Proximity, Prominence, & Density: Fully Explained

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While writing your articles, consider checking three things, because ignoring them, would lead to keyword spamming and can hurt their Search Engine Rankings. Well, What are they?

Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Density.

In this small article, I will explain everything about keyword proximity, prominence, and density. This article can help you improve your search engine rankings, by writing SEO-friendly content.

Keyword proximity, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Density
Keyword proximity, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Density

What is Keyword Density

Keyword Density
Keyword Density

Keyword Density means how frequently any keyword has been repeated in the content. Suppose, I have written an article of 1000 Words and my focus keyword is coming 100 times, so, my Keyword Density will be 10%.

10% keyword density is very high, for an average keyword density; go for less than 1.5%. This means if you are writing an article of 300 Words, then your keyword should only come 3 times.

Now, you would be thinking that how can we rank with a 1.5% Keyword Density? According to Google, high keyword density is measured as keyword stuffing (spamming). So you should always try to lower your Keyword Density by 2%.

How to Check Keyword Density in your Content

There are various websites and WordPress Plugins to check keyword density. I, personally, don’t check from any website, but I have installed Rank Math Plugin (a plugin for SEO). Rank Math shows your keyword density for any of your content

Websites to Check Keyword Density:

What is Keyword Proximity

Keyword Proximity
Keyword Proximity

As I told high keyword density is not allowed. So many people have doubts about ranking while applying normal keyword density. So to mention your focus keyword in your article, without increasing its keyword density is a process called Keyword Proximity.

Proximity means the distance between anything. So to apply this process we have to keep some distance between our focus keyword. Now, how can we do this? Let’s See.

Our Main Keyword: SEO Services in Islamabad

Main Keyword after doing its Proximity: If you want SEO Services for your Business then we are available in Islamabad

Now our main keyword is covered without increasing our Keyword Density. We just broke our keyword (SEO Services-In Islamabad) and added some more words between these two broken keywords. Is it Interesting?

What is Keyword Prominence

keyword prominence
keyword prominence

Prominence means to tell the importance of anything. So basically, in Keyword Prominence we tell search engines’ crawlers about a specific keyword, which is very important to us. In easy words, whenever we want to inform the importance of a certain keyword to a search engine crawler, we use the principle of keyword prominence.

Now how can we inform search engines about the importance of a keyword? Let’s Take an Example.

Suppose, XYZ person is very much important in your house, to identify Xyz as important, we will make Xyz ahead/first for every task. So, if you want to show the importance of a keyword (prominence), so make it ahead of other keywords. Again in simple words, keep your main keyword (which you want to make prominence) in the top lines of your article, and use it in an efficient way, so the search engine’s crawler should understand that this keyword is important.


So these we some of the important terms you learned today. I have already covered keyword density in my last article, which was about On-Page SEO Ranking Factors. So, I think keyword proximity and Keyword prominence would be new terms for you.

Hope you enjoyed this article and If you want more like this don’t forget to visit our blog page and bookmark this website in your browser.

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