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What is Content Plagiarism & How to Avoid Plagiarism in SEO - Digital Mustafa

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what is content plagiarism

What is Content Plagiarism & How to Avoid Plagiarism in SEO

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In this article, we will be discussing a vital content optimization factor, which is content plagiarism.

My main aim is to cover every point on this topic like What is Content Plagiarism, How to check Plagiarism & How to avoid Content Plagiarism in SEO, and much more.

What is Content Plagiarism?

what is content plagiarism in seo
what is content plagiarism in SEO

Plagiarism means copying others’ work and presenting it as the owner of that work. The meaning of plagiarism in SEO is almost the same. In SEO Content Plagiarism is when copying others’ content (plagiarized content) and presenting it on your web pages.

Whatever piece of content is available on your web pages should be unique and you should be the owner of that piece of content, but if you added others content on your website then this is known as spam. If you do more and more plagiarism then your website can get blacklisted or can be de-ranked from search engines.

Is Duplicate Content Known as Content Plagiarism?

Many people call plagiarism as duplicate content, but duplicate content is somehow different from plagiarism.

What is Duplicate Content?

Suppose an article on SEO is present on XYZ website, and you copy it and paste it on your website. This is plagiarism, but if you give credit to the owner of that content or the owner of the XYZ website has given you authority, then this is not included in plagiarism. So this means in many cases we can use duplicate content and it will not be identified as content plagiarism.

Duplicate Content is also known as copying others’ content but plagiarism means copying unauthorized content and using it on your web pages.

How to Check Plagiarism?

Let’s See, how can we check plagiarism in our content, and then we can improve it.

There are various tools to check plagiarism from your website’s content. I have listed some of the best platforms to check content plagiarism:

How Much Percentage of Plagiarism is Acceptable?

This question is mostly asked when talking about plagiarism: “If we are writing content for our website, then how much percentage of plagiarism is acceptable”.

To be honest, an exact percentage is not mentioned anywhere, but some SEO Experts command to keep at least 90% Unique means 10 percent plagiarism. But to be on the safe side, try to make your content 100% unique. You can do research on top-ranking websites, and check their plagiarism; you will find approximately 100% unique content. So to avoid plagiarism in SEO, follow these tips.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in SEO?

After you have found plagiarism in your content, It’s time to discuss some useful tips to avoid plagiarism in SEO.

Avoid Article Spinning

Try to paraphrase some lines by yourself, and never take the help of any article rewriter tool. Because Google’s AI and Algorithms are very smart and they can know easily if you have spin anyone’s article and published it on your website.

You have to write your own unique content but if some lines are impossible for you, then you can spin some lines (not the whole article) from any tool, but don’t forget to review and edit that spin lines by yourself.

Use LSI Keywords

Try to use synonyms or LSI keywords in your content. This helps to remove plagiarism from your content.

Suppose your article is about coaching, then instead of using coaching words every time, it’s better to use words like training, classes, institute, etc. If you don’t follow this practice there are chances, you can get unintentionally plagiarism in your content.

Do More Research

If you are getting plagiarism after following these tips, then it’s time for you to do more research on your content.


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying others’ work and presenting it as the owner of that work.

How to avoid Plagiarism?

There are various tips to avoid plagiarism but a quick tip is to use more LSI Keywords (Synonyms).

What Percentage of Content should be Unique?

There is not an exact percentage mentioned anywhere, but try to make more than 90% of unique content.

Can I Spin Content to make it Unique?

You can spin your article to remove some plagiarism, otherwise, it’s unethical to spin others’ content.

What is the difference between Duplicate Content and Plagiarism

There are various reasons, why duplicate content is different from plagiarized content.
1. If you give credit to the owner of the content, then this is known as duplicate content, not plagiarism.

2. If the content owner has given you the right to use the content, in this case, this is known as duplicate content, not plagiarism.


So this was a small guide on content plagiarism. I hope you have learned an important on-page SEO factor and try to make your content as much unique as you can.

Don’t forget to share this article with your blogging friends, so they can also improve their content and take a place in Google’s Top Results. Thanks!

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