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dwell time vs bounce rate

Dwell Time VS Bounce Rate: Why are they important for SEO

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One of the first things you need to understand as an SEO Expert is the difference between Dwell TIme VS Bounce Rate. Though they are both measures of user engagement, they are two very different things.
Dwell time is the amount of time a user spends on a page before returning to the SERP. Bounce rate, on the other hand, is the percentage of users who leave a page without taking any further action.
So, which is more important for SEO? The answer is both!
In this article, we’ll explain Dwell TIme VS Bounce Rate: What is dwell time in SEO, What is Bounce Rate & the Importance of Dwell Time in SEO plus How to check your bounce rate

What is Dwell Time in SEO

Dwell time is an important ranking factor that Google, Bing, and all other search engines focus on. But What is Dwell Time in SEO? & What is the importance of dwell time? these are some of the questions a starter website must know.

Dwell time is the actual length of time a visitor is spending on our web page before closing our page. In simple words: suppose, I searched for digital marketing, and I opened an XYZ website ranking in the top results. I opened the XYZ website, stayed on it for just 10 seconds, and then closed it. So the dwell time for this website will be 10 seconds. After many visitors visited this XYZ website and then the dwell time will be the average of all the visitors staying on the web page.

Importance of Dwell Time in SEO

The second most asked question is what is the importance of dwell time? or why should we focus on dwell time?

The algorithms of Google are changing quickly. The latest updates from Google are telling us to focus more on dwell time. Currently, all search engines are focusing on dwell time and then deciding the ranking for websites (SERP).

What is Bounce Rate in SEO

The bounce Rate is figured out when someone visits any page on your website and does nothing on the web page before leaving.

Dwell Time VS Bounce Rate

Dwell time vs Bounce Rate

Now you have grasped what is dwell time & what is bounce rate. Now let’s discuss Dwell Time VS Bounce rate.

Bounce Rate and Dwell Time are not the same. I am again explaining to you both in simple and easy words.

Dwell Time: Dwell time means how much time, a visitor is spending on our website.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate means, if a visitor stayed for 15 minutes on our web page, without clicking on any link or without going to another page, and the visitor closes our site. In bounce rate we don’t focus on how much time any visitor is visiting our page, we just see if the visitor is closing our web page before going to any other webpage.

By bounce rate, we can’t understand that is the visitor satisfied with our website or not, but we can understand this thing, because any visitor will spend a much time on our site when he/she will like our content and want to read more.

Tips to Increase Dwell Time & Decrease Bounce Rate

tips to increase dwell time

If you’re serious about improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), you need to pay attention to your website’s “dwell time.” You can also improve your Dwell Time by following some of these tips, mentioned below.

1/ Publish Evergreen & Quality Content

One of the best ways to increase dwell time is to publish quality and evergreen content.

2/ Offer Deals

Offering deals is one of the ways to improve your dwell time. Deals will keep users to stay on your page until they got a special deal or discount.

3/ Writing Case Studies

Case Studies are one of the types of articles, people usually create. If you will create Case Studies, this will motivate people to read your real case studies.

4/ Giving Something Valuable for Free

You have two benefits if you will give anything valuable to your users for free.

  • Get more page views, and shares, and increase your dwell time
  • Get more free backlinks

List of things you can give for Free:

  • Tools
  • Apps
  • Games
  • E-Books
  • Courses
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Cheatsheets

5/ Use Attractive Headlines and Call-to-Actions.

How to improve Bounce Rate

1. Make sure your website is fast and easy to use: People will leave if your website is slow or difficult to navigate.
2. Make sure your website is relevant to what people are searching for: If your website is about dogs and someone is searching for cats, they are not going to find what they are looking for and will leave.
3. Make sure your website has interesting and relevant content: If your website is boring, people will not want to stay on it.
4. Use effective calls to action: If you want people to stay on your website and take action, you need to tell them what to do.
5. Use effective pop-ups: Pop-ups can be annoying, but if they are relevant and offer something of value, people will be more likely to stay on your website.
By following these tips, you can lower your bounce rate and improve your SEO.

How to check your Bounce Rate

There are several sites and ways to check your Bounce Rate. I check my bounce rate through Google Analytics. My bounce rate is 6% because my website is just one month old.

how to check your bounce rate through Google Analytics


We hope you enjoyed our blog about dwell time vs bounce rate. A lot of people wonder what the difference between these two terms is and why they are important for SEO, but We have explained the difference in a better way. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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